Operating Manual

Commisioning of ColiCheck


Charging the sensor

  • Label the sensor with the name of the horse.
  • Connect the charging pad to the mains, position the sensor in the centre of the charging pad.
  • The charging pad lights up blue during charging, the sensor will automatically switch on when placed on the charging pad.
  • After approximately four hours, the LED on the sensor glows a solid green indicating it is fully charged and operational.


Downloading the App

  • Download the App onto your smartphone via colicheck.com/app.
  • Provide the personal activation code – this can be found on the back of the sensor and within the packaging.
  • Follow the instructions within the App in order to sync the sensor to the App.


Attaching the ColiCheck device

  • Only attach Colicheck to your horse in the evening when it is no longer expected to be moved out of its box or into the paddock.
  • Place the sensor within the allocated slot on the cuff, position the cuff on the front right cannon bone above the fetlock joint (see illustration).
  • The pouch containing the sensor faces outwards.
  • Close the Velcro fastener enough so that the cuff sits tightly and is not tethering on the leg where it could turn. Maintain this position for all future attachments of the device to your horse.
  • Remove the device again in the morning.
  • If the stable staff take care of grooming and tacking, we recommend labeling the cuff specifically in the horse’s name.
Cannon Bone, Fetlock Joint, Right front leg


Introductory programming phase

  • The two-week introductory programming phase is automatically activated upon first application of the device to the horse.
  • Progress can be accessed and monitored via the app.
  • There is no alarm mode during the introductory phase!
  • The app will notify you when the introductory phase is over.


ColiCheck Device is ready

  • ColiCheck is now fully functional for watching over your horse.
  • Any additional questions? Click here for further Support

Warning Levels

If the horse’s behaviour differs from normal, ColiCheck sends an alarm to your smartphone. Since the behaviour of horses is always subject to a certain range of variation, ColiCheck has two warning levels:

Warning level yellow
A deviation in the behaviour of your horse from its normal state. Contact the stable.

Warning level red
Critical Condition – ColiCheck measures a significant deviation from your horse’s normal behaviour. Your horse could be developing colic and should be checked upon.

LED status display

In addition to the app, the LED on the sensor provides information about the status of the ColiCheck device:

Flashing Orange
Sensor must be charged

Flashing Blue
Sensor is charging

Steady Green light
Sensor is fully charged

Flashing Red
There is a technical problem, error message displaying within the app

Short green flashes
Normal condition – everything is alright

Instructional overview

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