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What do I need ColiCheck for?

ColiCheck closes the surveillance gap during the night and informs you immediately if your horse is unwell or in distress.

How does the sensor ensure that colic has been detected?

The sensor is “intelligent” in nature and possesses no rigid limitations so it can adjust itself to each individual horse to ensure maximum safety.

When should my horse wear ColiCheck?

Ideally ColiCheck should be used at night. The cuff should be placed on the horse after its last circuit/walkabout by its carer and should be taken off again in the morning.

Is ColiCheck suitable for my horse?

ColiCheck is suitable for every horse.

Can I apply the ColiCheck device during the day?

No, as there are too many different movement patterns when riding and walking the horse during the day that would negatively affect the data being gathered by the sensor at night in order for the device to accurately detect colic.

Where do I correctly attach the ColiCheck device on the horse?

On the right cannon bone above the fetlock joint with the sensor pocket facing outwards (see instructions).

Can I attach the ColiCheck device to different horses?

No, the ColiCheck device calibrates itself to the individual horse to which it is applied. If you want to monitor another horse with a sensor already in operation, it is possible to do so by resetting the sensor to its factory settings via the APP. This initiates a new learning phase with this horse.

How does ColiCheck work?

ColiCheck analyzes the exact movements of your horse and creates a very precise movement profile. We call it the “hoofprint”, and is completely unique to each individual horse. If the horse does not feel well, the sensor immediately registers it and informs you via the APP. The sensor is so sensitive that even the pulse and breathing can be detected via this location on the leg.

How long does the battery last?

In normal operational use, at least one week.

How is the battery charged?

Since the case is waterproof, it is charged wirelessly. The sensor is placed centrally on the supplied charging pad and takes about three hours to fully charge the battery.

What are the data connection costs?

The data connection costs €3 per month. The first purchase includes 6 months worth of data. You will be notified via the APP as soon as this time period has lapsed. Additional data packages can be purchased via our online shop for a period of 6, 12 or 24 months.

How can I be sure the connection is operational and that ColiCheck is working?

Within the APP you can immediately see the strength of the connection. If your smartphone does not have a constant internet connection, you can switch the alarm notification to SMS mode from within the APP. However additional costs may be incurred.

What is the probability of receiving an error message?

As all components were selected by German developers and the sensor itself is “Made in Germany”, you should not receive an error message. In the event that this is the case, please contact us immediately.

What happens if I attach the ColiCheck device incorrectly?

If incorrectly attached the sensor will not work correctly and could possibly send out an incorrect alarm notification.

Can ColiCheck be used on every horse?

Yes, ColiCheck will adapt to each individual horse and therefore has no limitations in terms of use.

Where is ColiCheck produced?

ColiCheck is developed and produced in Germany and Austria.

My horse is also held within a paddock at night, can I still use ColiCheck?

Yes, ColiCheck was developed for use in both stables and paddocks.

What if an element of the ColiCheck device gets damaged?

If you notice any damage to the cuff or the sensor, do not attach the device to the horse. The cuff can be re-ordered inexpensively via our online shop. If the sensor is damaged, please contact us immediately.

Are there any horses for which the ColiCheck device is not suitable for?

The ColiCheck device is suitable for any horse unless it has an acute or open injury to the right front leg.

My horse has very sensitive skin – can I still attach the ColiCheck device?

ColiCheck has also been dermatologically tested in various pilot studies. You can attach the ColiCheck device without concern even if your horse suffers, for example, with a sensitivity to mould.

My horse has an injury to his leg – can I still simply attach the ColiCheck device to the other leg?

No. ColiCheck should not be applied to an acutely injured leg. If attached to the other leg, the measurement would deviate from the standard values and irregular or conflicting evaluations will occur.

My horse does not always regularly move or behave the same way. Is the ColiCheck device even useful for my horse at all?

Throughout all of our studies, we were able to present certain regularities for all horses regardless of behaviour so that a great deal of effectiveness can be assured.

In the summer months does the area beneath the sensor not get too hot for the horse?

During our pilot studies this did not pose a problem for the horses at all.

Are there ever false alarms?

As with everything in life, the ColiCheck device could exhibit false alarms. There are grey zones that cannot be accounted for, for example, a fox antagonizes the horse at night or the horse is still adjusting to a new horse being stabled within the box next door. It is for this very reason we have designed a pre-alarm warning followed by a main alarm.

Can I apply the ColiCheck device while I am on vacation and not have to worry about my horse anymore?

Yes, as long as it is ensured that the ColiCheck device is removed during the day, that the battery level is checked and that it is correctly applied to the horse again at night.

What if I want to ride again in the evening but the sensor is already attached to the horse?

In order to ride the horse the sensor must be removed. Once the horse is returned to its box or paddock re-attach the sensor.

Can I also attach ColiCheck to another cuff?

We strongly advise against that. A new learning phase would need to be initiated.

My horse wears stable leggings, can I still attach the ColiCheck device?

Stable leggings can usually be applied over the ColiCheck device.

Will my horse’s data be transmitted securely and be properly encrypted?

Yes, the data will be securely encrypted and transmitted in such a way so as to prevent conclusions being drawn on the basis of the data to a specific horse’s identity.

Why is there a pre-alert?

There may be situations that are not 100% assignable. For example, a fox enters the stable alarming the horse or there is a new horse within the neighbouring box that has created some excitement. This can lead to situations in which your horse, although not fearing for his body and life, could react in a manner that triggers an alarm. For this very reason we have the pre-alarm system.

Are the radio beams/ transmission signals harmful to my horse?

The radio beams are no stronger than a cell phone and are located far enough away from the central nervous system (brain), so we can confirm complete safety in this regard.

Will my horse tolerate the sensor?

In all pilot studies, the horses have completely ignored the sensor.

Can pressure points and heat build up beneath the cuff?

Due to the soft neoprene and ergonomic shape of the cuff, no pressure points are to be expected. Heat emitted by the sensor poses no problem as the cuff is not only small but the temperature of the device is also measured by the sensor.

Can the sensor be exposed to moisture?

The sensor itself is completely waterproof. No moisture can penetrate the device or cause malfunction.

What happens if one forgets to place the sensor on the horse?

This does not cause a problem, however, without the sensor being attached to the horse no monitoring of its condition will be taking place.

Does the sensor work even if the mobile reception at my stable is bad?

No, unfortunately if there is no mobile network reception, the ColiCheck transmitter will not work. However, if it is only your mobile device that does not have regular internet connection, you can switch to having the alarms sent via SMS from within the ColiCheck APP. Please note that additional costs may be incurred.

How long is the manufacturer’s warranty?

The manufacturer’s warranty is for 12 months.

Does the sensor always have to be attached to the same leg and in the same place?


Can the sensor also be used for monitoring birth with a horse?


May the sensor be opened?

No. Attempting opening the case in any way will void the warranty and could result in danger to your horse if handled incorrectly.

How many sensors can I manage with my APP?

There is no limitation to the number of horses that can be monitored via the APP.

Can I give away my ColiCheck sensor? What happens to the balance of any unused data?

It is possible to pass on a sensor that you may no longer be using or that was already in use, but, it must be reset to the original factory settings before being used again. The outstanding credit can not be transferred or credited back to the initial purchaser/user of the device.

How do I reset the sensor to its original factory settings?

The sensor can be reset under Settings within the APP. Thereafter, a new learning phase must be performed to ensure functionality on the horse.

How does the sensor deal with seasonal changes?

The sensor not only performs the initial learning phase when first attached to the horse, but it continues to monitor and detect patterns over the duration it is being used, thereby taking into consideration your horse’s individual range of motion and movements as the seasons change.