What really counts – every horse’s life!

In addition, a heart’s desire, a life-saving idea and a strong team!

Veterinarians Elisabeth and Markus Kasper often talked about the importance of providing rapid help in treating a horse with colic. How great would it be, to always be able to offer assistance as soon as possible. How could life-threatening colic that arose during the night be detected soon enough?

They talked about it with their friends Manuel and Lina Rauberger, also veterinarians and owners of a medical device distribution company. Elisabeth expressed her desire to see a device that could actually detect the early signs of intestinal colic.

Luckily, they also spoke with Mathias Weber and Ramona Weber-König. Mathias, an electronic-technical all-round genius, had both the required knowledge and the tendency of being somewhat of a perfectionist. His wife Ramona, the fifth veterinarian within this group, brought with her the organizational skills needed in order to (try) make this a success. With her, the ColiCheck team was complete.

The development work began with various chest straps and holster prototypes being both designed and then ultimately discarded. In the end, the perfect prototype was designed by means of a leg cuff, which is routine in nature for horses, owners and stable lads. At the same time, this position and location of attachment is ideal for obtaining the data required to detect any anomalies in the horse’s movement.

It has taken four intensive years in order to have all the necessary elements in place to create and successfully bring ColiCheck to the market. Ideal cuffs were sewn, robust Velcro fasteners tested, constant tinkering, planning, fine tuning until in the end – ColiCheck was born – a marketable product that will hopefully save the lives of many horses to come and to provide horse owners with peace of mind.

Together, they developed ColiCheck

Give your horse the fastest possible solution for help

ColiCheck Packaging


Included: Sensor, cuff, charger with power plug, short manual for the stable and for the horse owner.

Data volume for 6 months included.

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