ColiCheck can save your horse’s life

Nocturnal colic, a nightmare if you have a horse. Unfortunately, this is the most common cause of death in horses. Early detection and rapid assistance can prevent the worst from happening with very little effort. If the horse has pain during the day and behaves conspicuously, this is usually quickly noticed when within the stable or in the paddock. But, what about at night?

For this, there is ColiCheck. The monitoring sensor for the early detection of the hazard that is colic. The horse wears the ColiCheck device on the front right leg which emits an alarm when something is wrong or out of the ordinary.

ColiCheck works this easily

The Sensor

Captures and processes the horse’s data. Within a two-week get-to-know phase, the sensor fully adjusts to the individual movement pattern of the animal and determines its individual limitation values.

The Cuff

The cuff is made out of sturdy, lightweight neoprene which encases the sensor. It does not disturb the horse in any way and is attached to the front right tubular portion of its leg.

ColiCheck App

The ColiCheck App

Warns reliably and immediately, as soon as the horse is not feeling well and behaving conspicuously. It operates by means of an initial forewarning alert, followed by an alarm which is transmitted onto your personal smartphone.

Important features

for the safety of both horses and humans

Worldwide and Consistent

ColiCheck is available online, 24 hours a day, and always uses the best network available from almost all providers. In case of poor network coverage in the stable, emergency connection via SMS is also possible.

Easy Handling

ColiCheck is easy to attach and is available for every horse, irrespective of its size. It is both indestructible and comfortable to wear for the horse.

Learning System

The intelligent transmitter assimilates the individual movement patterns and limit values of the individual horse and analyzes the data on a regular basis in order to detect any anomalies.

Battery, Runtime and Wireless Charging

High energy density, optimally protected Li-polymer battery, with long battery life. Recharged wirelessly via the charging docking station.

Interaction & Call

Every supervised horse can be controlled via the APP at any time with a simple glance. An alarm is sounded in case of emergency and is directly transmitted to the smartphone.

For use by both stable owners and riders

Clear assignment of each individual sensor is made to “the” horse being monitored. Control of several horses with the APP is possible. With shared riding of a horse, that particular horse can be monitored by several smartphones simultaneously.

ColiCheck was developed for the love of horses

The inventors of ColiCheck are passionate veterinarians. They know about the importance of urgent help in the treatment of colics. They discussed, if it is possible to recognize a serious situaion from distance. They found the answer.

The decisive click for the well-being of your horse

ColiCheck Packaging


Included: Sensor, cuff, charger with power plug, short manual for the stable and for the horse owner.

Data volume for 6 months included.

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